Accident Insurance

Imagine a financial tool that:

Accident Insurance
  • Helps cover deductibles, co-pays and other expenses not covered by your primary major medical plan.
  • Pays medical benefits to you regardless of other coverage you have.
  • Rapidly reimburses you for a wide variety of covered medical expenses related to accidents.

That's Accident Insurance - an economical and intelligent way to protect your family from today's high health care costs. Accident insurance provides benefits for a wide range of accident-related costs, from emergency room visits to physical therapy to diagnostic exams - even surgery!

Accidents occur more frequently than you might think.

  • About 1 out of every 9 Americans seek medical attention for an injury each year.
  • Over 28 million people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries.
  • Approximately 58.4 million visits to physician offices were due to unintentional injuries.

How does accident coverage work?

This policy reimburses you up to your calendar year maximum (up to $15,000) for a covered accident. Covered expenses include hospital costs, surgical costs, x-rays, emergency room, physician, urgent care centers and more!

This plan does not coordinate with any other insurance coverage. Benefits are paid regardless of those received from other health insurance policies!